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NinjaTasker is a fully managed outsourcing platform. It’s a new way of outsourcing your web projects or tasks to the top 1% tech talent in developing countries without the hassles of interviewing freelancers, negotiating prices, language barrier, and most importantly, without the risk of project failure. You can use NinjaTasker in 3 easy ways to get top1% of more than 1 million freelancers available in India and rest of developing countries to work on your web project.

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Browse through hundreds of tasks listed by our verified Ninjas and buy the ones you require for your web project.

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Not sure which tasks are required for your project? No worries, post a job and we shall manage it for you, for FREE.

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Hire long term

Hiring for a long term project? Hire our verified Ninjas for hourly, part-time or full-time work fully managed by our PM team.

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What sets us apart

We focus on building a
vetted tech community

NinjaTasker curates pool of tech talent who join NinjaTasker after they pass a well structured course with real-world assignments, followed by tests and proctored exams. Only the top 1% make it to NinjaTasker and become our ‘ verified ninjas’.

Provide project

Our project managers act as mediators between buyer and ninjas making sure everything in the job/project works smoothly for the buyer as well as ninja. No need to spend time in taking interviews, negotiating or worry about communication delays, language barriers, or work quality issues, etc.

Offering ‘work
completion guarentee’

Apart from money back guarantee we provide the buyers a Work Completion Guarantee backed by our in-house team of developers and designers who take over in the rare case that selected ninja is not able to complete the job/project.

To get started Post a Job or talk to our project manager to Hire a Ninja on hourly bases

Hiring Web Designers doesn’t have to be hard

NinjaTasker curates thoroughly vetted talented developers and designers, enabling startups, small and medium companies companies like yours to become more productive and cost effective.

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B2C Market Place website for a travel startup

Global Fashion ecommerce store for a popular UK brand by our top ninja

Mobile App landing page for a web mobility company

End to end turnkey website theme for an online education provider

What Clients say About Us

  • "It's not just a pretty face. I am also thrilled by the quality of support. It is fast, reliable and has no complications at all. This author is definitely a five star hero!"

    Josh Wolf
    Josh Wolf Owner at Brand Storm Studio
  • "It has changed the way i develop websites. Ninja Tasker lets you create anything you envision and it does it so easy and flawless. I can't imagine not working with Vortex Global Services."

    Andrew Dames
    Andrew Dames Web Developer
  • Amazing job. Did exactly as he was requested to do. Will be asking him to do  more in future. I can understand now why he has 5 star

    MRs O O Barnet Industry
  • Amazing job. Did exactly as he was requested to do. Will be asking him to do  more in future. I can understand now why he has 5 star  Did exactly as he was requested to do.Did exactly as he was requested to do.

    MR Hill Carnwell Industry
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